24 September 2012

September 24, 2012 - Clean and Sip

We really like coming home to a clean house and clean sheets after a vacation. So today is a heavy duty cleaning and laundry day. I kept trying to do it throughout this weekend, but that project went no where fast. Mike is cleaning the kitchen and car. I'm doing the rest.

And the last day before vacation is considered a semi-vacation day at our house, hence the pink Moscato (Italian champagne) bottle in my right hand. It's kind of a reward system. I do a major project like clean the toilets and then I earn a sip of pink Moscato. I complete a load of clothes and I earn one more sip. I vacuum all the carpet and I earn another sip. You get the idea. This all works very well. I get the job done and am really happy doing it.

Vacuuming is always the last task. Oh, wait a minute…. I'm running out of steam, and apparently so is the vac. Line busted. Boo hoo. Forced to stop. What a pity!!

Move on to the last task. Now I must get serious about juggling clothes for hot and cold weather and figuring out what suitcases will work best in packing the car. Too much, too little, yes, no, help! Oh, well, I guess we’ll buy it if we forget it. Good back up plan. 


  1. I used to do the same thing...complete a chore, drink a 12-pack. Another chore, another 12-pack.

  2. What happend to the wine you used to drink in the past? You two have come up in the world.


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