24 September 2012

September 26, 2012 - Electronics

It used to be just a camera. Now it is several cameras, tripod, binoculars, monocular, laptop, pedometer, GPS, cell phone, Kindle, chargers for everything, etc. Luckily we ordered the iPhone 5 the moment it was available on pre-order, got it as promised by Apple on Friday, and got it set up at Sprint on Saturday. This is our first smart phone, so we really wanted it for this trip. Big learning curve though, so if you call us in the near future, hopefully we can actually answer.

We did not, however, get our fab Nikon P510 back from the repair. Just bought it about 6 months ago and it was making grinding sounds when adjusting the lens. The shop said it looked like sand in the lens. Had we been to the beach? Yep, we had but not in a sand storm.

Recently we haven't been able to take any extended trips due to 3 geriatric cats--Max, Annie and Rico. The last died this past May and this is why we are now taking some long trips. But back to the sand story. We had taken the three cat cremains to Lake Michigan shore to "set them free." Well, the wind was squalling and we both got covered with "cat dust." It might sound gross, but they had been our babies for about 17 years each. I guess they were just getting in our space one last time. Needless to say did not advise this story to the repair guy.

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  1. Mike I can remember when your travel "things" consisted of a few t-shirts,a pair of Levis and a good book.
    You techies are going to have to trade in the hybrid for a van or truck at this rate.
    Keep on truckin'


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