30 September 2012

2012 WILD WEST Oregon 6 - Visiting Ashland and Shady Cove


Back-tracked 50 some miles from Ashland to Shady Grove OR. That was it for driving. An E-Z, relaxed day, all in the state of Oregon. 


Woke early and did some window shopping, as things weren't open early on a Sunday. Stopped for coffee at the outdoor Water Street Cafe (also the exact name of our fave coffee shop in Kalamazoo). Saw the Shakespeare "Globe" theatre again and bought a T-shirt from the theatre gift shop (first souvenir of the trip). Most stores and eateries are the same as nine years ago, but a few new fun places to browse. Strolled through Lithia Park and watched a hoola-hoop class going on.

Finally meeting up with people we know and are special to us in some way. First, had lunch with our cutie-pie niece, Brooke. She suggested Standing Stone Brewery. Once there, we remembered being their nine years ago on our last trip to Ashland. Mimosa and breakfast burrito for Deb; beer and fish-and-chips for Brooke and Mike. Food was as outstanding as we remembered. Wonderful to hear all Brooke's happy stories and accomplishments. She's doing well.

Back-tracked from Ashland to Shady Cove to visit with the Armstrongs, arriving about 2pm. Been way too long since seeing this fun couple. Their lovely home is situated with a spyglass view of the Rogue River. Deer and fawn run through their yard. Peaceful. Felt like the good old days....like home. Don has a fantastic billiard room. Joy has a top-notch knack with decor. Great guest digs. Splashes of humor around. (I'm told these are mostly Don's idea). We felt so at home that we did a load of laundry. Good timing...had just run out of "necessities."

With a gazebo and several outdoor decks to choose from, we chit-chatted til 5:30pm, then drove to dinner. Fine outdoor deck dining along the Rogue River at this Mexican cantina. Weren't so fond of the ever-ready strolling mariachis, but the sunset view of the river and raspberry margaritas were outstanding. Then more chit-chat and imbibbing into the wee hours back on the Armstrong homestead.

Their black and white springer spaniel is a sweetheart and a gentle soul. If it could be guaranteed that we would have a dog like Chadwick, it might be possible to switch us from the cat to the dog world!!

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  1. Hi Mike & Deb-

    Sounds like a wonderful adventure. Glad there was no real prob with the prius.

    Wednesday is fine with us! Your room is ready! If your schedule changes we are flexible. We would LOVE to have you for an evening. Yea! I'm honored to cook for you, but maybe you would like to try a new fav restaurant in the city. Your call. Really!




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