06 October 2012

2012 WILD WEST California 10 - Reminisce In Half Moon Bay


Only 70 miles today from SFO to hangout hunting to HMB. Altitude 12 feet by our old HMB home.


Light breakfast at Kennedys and lingered, trying to leave but hard. Wished there was more time to visit here and with my other "airline sisters." Missed getting a pix of James and Suzi. Darn!

Drove straight from Kennedys west to the ocean and then south. Thought we would drive through the new Devil's Slide tunnel that has been under construction since we left Half Moon Bay in 2003. Still not open, maybe in December. Darn! But just as well, as we would have been nervous in the 4,000 foot double bore in this earthquake ridden locale. For more info, see: www.dot.ca.gov/dist4/dslide/docs/projectlocation.pdf

Loved seeing our old haunts along Hwy 1 from Pacifica to HMB. Almost drooling with happiness to see BIG water, fog bank way out on the ocean, bird poop rock, the old military outlook, the wide turn that takes you into Montara. Looking to see what is old, new, changed. This was our daily route home from work. I don't usually miss all this stuff, as we have a great life in Michigan with different "benefits" there...until I physical get back here.

First stop...our old St. John Street home for 21 years in HMB. Looks very different since we lived there. Pillars/arches removed and 2 front bedrooms moved outward to replace that area. Also, now bay windows in both those bedrooms. Bet it is lovely inside. Front walk moved, house painted bright lemon yellow with forest green trim. Not our taste, but looks like a country "painted lady." Lots of flowers. She must water much more than we did.

Then walked the streets of downtown, analyzing the changes. What's new, what's not. Checked out most stores, buying a few souveniers along the way. The new Cunha's is too modern. Feeling at home and alien at the same time.

We had lunch at Main Street Sushi. There are too many of our fave restaurants in the world here to try them all again. But just can't get GREAT sushi in Michigan, so this was a must-do. They did not let us down. All was fresh and fantastic.

Continued into Feed and Fuel to see the newborn chickens which are always on hand and found kittens. One was rooster colors--black, brown, and red (not orange, but maroon red). Almost left with three new kittens, but Mike somehow drug me out empty handed. I thought about taking a photo, but would have lusted after that little "rooster" forever whenever I looked at it.

Checked out the HMB Repertory (old This Side of the Hill Players) Theatre. Spent sooo many happy hours here. Exterior painted all black now. Not sure about that. Drove to Princeton Harbor. Way expanded, too crowded, not quaint. Drove to the back harbor area. Still has the fish-town charm. Drove up behind the HMB airport and around Moss Beach to The Distillary. Some of the homes closest to the crumbling cliffs are gone. Into the drink?

Arrived at Tom and Lisa's about 4p in El Granada. Tom, along with the three dogs--Tosa (combo of Tom and Lisa name), Remy, and Skylar--warmely greeted us. I think they remembered us, especially Remy. We later met Lisa at La Costanera, a Peruvian restaurant in the location of the old Chart House in Montara. Fabulouso is all we can say. The owners have added an outdoor patio, which allows you to see and hear the waves, feel the sea breeze, and smell the ocean air up close.

We started with a pisco sour topped with nutmeg. I think this is the national alcoholic drink of Peru. Had heard about this but first time trying it and tasty it was. We started on the outdoor veranda. The sunset was its usual muted self. There is not much pollution between here and Hawaii, so you don't usually get the brilliant orange colors. And then there is that good ol' fog bank on occasion. It was just what we are used to.

Another wonderful dinner with wonderful friends. We whooped it up royal--wine, appis (portabello skewers, pumpkin soup with Peruvian corn, tiger prawns and queso fresco), entrees (shrimp several ways, steak, green veggie and potato causa, yucca balls), dessert (creamiest vanilla bean panna cotta I ever had, almost marshmallow-y), and ended with a flight of four ports to taste test. WOW! Kennedys, you must check this place out.

Back to Mattusch "castle on the hill" for more reminiscing. Remy snugged on the sofa with Lisa and I til our eyelids drooped into sleepy time.


Best seaweed salad we've ever eaten at Main Street Sushi . Also best overall sushi restaurant ever. Although Sushiya in Kalamazoo is a close second.

Best re-invented building is the old Chart House converted the La Costanera Peruvian.

Best panna cotta ever at La Costanera.

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