25 December 2012

2012 MICHIGAN Upper Peninsula 4 - Back Ta Home

We rose early, all visiting and partying done, and headed for home sweet home. It was a rainy day, but thankfully not too cold, so there were no icy roads to contend with.
The lights and the Mighty Mac were pretty impressive on this weathery day. When it is windy the bridge tends to sway and today was one of those days. Not too much, but you could feel it a little.
It had been a wonderful trip, as we looked back, and a sentimental and wonderful travel year. Mike and I had both discovered homes of our youth--Mike here and me in Sunrise Beach, Missouri. We had visited many long lost or missed friends and family. Yes, we terribly miss not having our cats, but it has allowed us some other awesome experiences without the worry of them being left at home alone or in the care of others.

The trip home was uneventful except the breakfast stop. Of course, we cannot go long without mentioning food. In Indian River, we stopped by Wilson's River Edge Family Restaurant. A quiet, unassuming spot along the river. Here Mike had the biggest plate of pancakes he had ever encountered in his life--not an exaggeration. It was good, but way too much food. It could have feed a family of at least four. We were glad it was cheap, so we did not feel too guilty about leaving almost a full plate.

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