06 January 2013

2013 SOUTH & EAST COAST Port Saint Lucie 12 - Every Boob Counts

Left K-Dub at 9:04am. Temp was 77 degrees at departure. Not much humidity, so pretty perfect. Dragging our feet to leave. Drove 267 miles today. Moving time 4'55". We are now heading back north from our most southern stop.

Friday and yesterday there was an "Every Boob Counts" fundraiser for breast cancer ending in Key West. There were relay teams traveling together that ran on Friday from Miami to Key Largo and Saturday from Key Largo to Key West -- a total of 200 miles. One team overnighted at our motel and we were all packing vehicles at the same time for our morning departure.

I struck up a conversation with one of the runners who turned out to be the organizer of the event. Her mom had died of breast cancer a few years ago and this was how she was honoring her mom's memory.

On their two support vans were all kinds of pinky sparkly decorations, pink ribbons, pink flamingos, and the slogan "12 balls, 12 boobs, 1 mission." Turns out there were six guys and six gals running on this relay team. Even though the event was complete, we gave them a check on the spot to support the cause.
Instead of going straight out Truman Street on up the Keys, there was a detour that took us on the south side of the Key. We hadn't explored that area on this trip, so it was fun to see it. Very built up from when we were here last, but they preserved some of the public beaches which are the best on the island.

On our way north we saw our first wind turbines in Florida, small and basic but better than nada. Saw the giant concrete conch shell and got a pix this time. Also, the giant shark and the giant mom with baby dolphins at the Dolphin Research Center on Marathon. Got a partial shot of the ol' Ozark DC-3 and some great shots of the giant Florida lobster. It is very detailed, a work of art, and I sure wouldn't want this chasing after me in the deep. Look at the size compared to Mike.

We had planned a tentative stop at Bob P's house in Weston FL on our way back north. That worked out and we arrived about 1:15pm. We chit-chatted and then Bob gave us a tour of the area. He lives in the perfect bachelor pad, surrounded by huge beautiful mansions, manicured golf courses and roadways, and spectacular shopping areas. A little modern for us, but very nice. 

We stopped for late lunch at an Irish place named JG McGuiness. I had the best veggie sandwich I had EVER tasted--packed with artichokes, mushrooms, roast red peppers, and more. The guys had Cuban sandwiches, also delicious.

After our brief visit, we mozied down the highway to Port St. Lucie for our overnight. Didn't see much of this town. Will look it over tomorrow morning.

Did laundry in the hotel guest facilities and then tried to "keep abreast" of my blog duties.

We hope to see our friend W tomorrow if we can get a hold  of him.

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