24 February 2013

Feb 2013 - Cat Trap (1)

This blog is supposed to be about our travels, but today we are going through a "head" trip. In the last year and a half we lost three geriatric cats to lung cancer and kidney failure. It has been quite traumatic for Mike and I and we didn't know when, or even if, we would be able to handle a new pet.

Of course, all our friends and relatives have encouraged us to get a new cat, or two or three. But we just could not wrap our heads around another. There is always a worry that something will happen to it. And if we had gotten a new cat, we would not have been able to take the two fabulous driving trips we had just written about in our blog.

But Mike's persistent sister kept at it. Without us knowing she was checking the Kalamazoo Animal Rescue website "on our behalf." Well, she found one she thought we would like and sent us the link -

Here is the bio:

Tabby - Brown
Age: Adult
Approx DOB: 9/01/2010
Gender: Female

Clarabelle is a sweet and snugly cat who will jump right on to your lap. She came to us as a stray. She will make an excellent companion and would be happiest as an only cat. Clarabelle can occasionally get excited while playing and decide that your hand is a toy. She doesn't hurt you, but it can be startling. We are looking for a cat savvy adopter in a calm home who can help her learn not to do this.

Ok, we are "cat savvy," having 8 cats over 35 years that all lived to their mid+ teens (except Minnie who died as a kitten from FIP). Nice how they complimented prospective owners as "savvy" to get on our good side!!

But was this a nice way of saying Clarabelle is a "biter." Hmm, we can probably get past that as the feral cat we gave Mike's sister is an occasional biter and sometimes even a terror. Hey, this might be payback for that wonderful gift we gave Kathy years ago. Aww, just kidding, we love our little niece cat, Widget. And this cat looks EXACTLY like Widget. They would make cute twin cat cousins. And how did she get that name Clarabelle? Is she a little clown? That could be good.

But what really caught our attention was the video clip on the website. This cat appears to be a guaranteed cuddler. Just our type.

So, with much apprehension and angst (especially by Deb), we submitted an adoption application. A day later, we get a call from the foster mom, who turns out to be a member of the Ladies' Library Association, a club to which I belong. I know her, but had no idea she was involved with animal rescue. But, big BUT, this meant we could count on getting the real scoop on this orphan cat.

So on Friday at 2pm, we drove over to my friend's home and met Clarabelle. She wasn't shy. She was a nipper (not quite a biter). And she was as cuddly as the video showed. And we were sold from minute four. After about a half hour of play time and Q&A with the foster mom, we put her in the kennel we had brought with us (just in case). After a quick stop at the pet store for litter, pan, and cat toys, we headed home.

I think we are trapped by Clarabelle.

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