08 October 2014

2014 EUROPE by Rail 1 - Happy Trails to Us

We have been planning our trip to Europe for months. How can it possibly be today and I still have a hundred things to do?! Well, the flight doesn't leave til 1:35pm U.S. or as they say in Europe 1335.

Bags are mostly packed and Bella is on to us. Sits first on one bag, then another. I guess we'll look a little hairy when we get rolling with wisps of fur she leaves behind. I'm so glad we have two great cat whisperers to watch over B while we are gone. Thanks, Lisa. Thanks, Dixie.

Here is our itin. It is not tentative because everything is non-refundable, if we change. So we're not going to change.

8 Oct - Depart Kalamazoo, Michigan
9 Oct  - Arrive Paris, train to Nimes, pick up by Uncle Bob and Aunt Terry, to our final destination today of St Hippolyte du Fort, France
12 Oct - Train to Nice, France
13 Oct (Mike's BD) - Spend the day in Monte Carlo, Monaco
14 Oct - Train to Brugge, Belgium
16 Oct - Train to Berlin, Germany
19 Oct - Train to Amsterdam, the Netherlands
22 Oct - Return home to Kalamazoo

I will try to keep up with the blog as we go, but not sure how accessible Wi-Fi / Internet will be. Not sure how that will work. We have a lot of train time, so I'm hoping much of that will have Wi-Fi. We are not taking the computer, so will try is transfer photos from the iPad to the Blog. If I can't figure that out. I'll just add the pix when I get home.

Alright friends and family, think positive thoughts about all our transportation connections as they are many between plane and trains. 

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