25 January 2015

New Years 2015 - Dear Readers...

It is amazing to us that people are still reading our blog--www.TrippingWithMikeAndDeb.blogspot.com

We really were not blogging for the world to read, but for a personal diary of our travels ... and to let family members know where we were in our progress and that we were still alive and well.

In its 2-1/2 years of existence, this post is number 217. And we have had 8,475 page views. That is astonishing! Here are the top viewers by country, so readers are certainly not just our local friends and family. 
We've also had readers from Poland, Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Thailand, even Cambodia, and more.

Here are the top posts that readers seemed most interested in. 

We don't have another BIG trip planned til May. That is a chef's tour to Italy, led by Chef John at Zazio's located in the nearby Radisson Hotel. But we'll try to post something interesting now and then til then.

Again, thanks for reading and coming back for more. It is gratifying to have friendly readers from around the world. Please leave comments if you have something interesting to add or have questions.

                                                    Most sincerely,
                                                     Mike and Deb

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