30 March 2015

3/30/2015 - I'm Back, But Not with a Vengeance

On 3/16 I weighed 166.8
On 3/23 I weighed 166.8
 Today I weighed 166.4
A slight move in the right direction.

Also, this week my mom bought me a nail polish dryer kit. There are 3 colors of nail polish (a pink and 2 sparklies),  toe "separators" to keep toes apart while polishing, and a little dryer machine. You put your hands or feet into a little slot and a fan dries the polish 50% quicker (or so it says). I haven't tried it yet, but will before the next weigh in.

Over the winter I've been giving my toes a break by letting them go polish-less. But weather is warming up and I'm starting to wear open toed shoes and flip-flops, so time to pretty up those toes.

26 March 2015

3/26/2015 - ?

Sorry, guys. I just could not face the music this week. See you all on Monday next week.

16 March 2015

3/16/2015 - Up, But Not Out

Last week 166.4
This week 166.8
I haven't given up, but feel I am losing the battle, drowning in poundage.

Still uninspired to count calories, my best tool for losing weight. My Fitness Pal (www.myfitnesspal.com program) is not hanging out with me lately.

Weekend trip to one of the best eating towns in Michigan (Traverse City) did not help.

What more can I say?

10 March 2015

3/9/2015 - Agitated, Aggravated, Angry

... at myself !

Last week 164.2
This week 166.4

I just did not want to post yesterday, but obviously the situation is not going to disappear.

Failed all around last week. My splurges were a whole medium pizza eaten over two days, two long island ice teas to wash down the pizza, dinner at my nephew's house for his 16th birthday including pecan pie (instead of cake), numerous glasses of wine while socializing with the family at that celebration, and treats Mike got me from the new fancy Earth Fare store (quiche, spaghetti salad, fab nut/chocolate power bar, etc).

Also in the last couple of weeks I have not been serious about counting calories. It makes a big difference.

Oh, how embarrassing and how hard it is to be on a weight loss plan. That kind of week just makes you want to give up.

The end of this week we are going on an overnight excursion to celebrate Mike's mom's 91st birthday and we will probably have a few good meals while we are out of town. If you don't hear from me next week, it means I finally gave up.

05 March 2015

3/2/2015 - Car Birding

This week I went on my first dedicated bird watching adventure. My friend Anne (actually Bella's foster mom) became an avid birder over the last few years and she especially enjoys photographing them and displaying those photos online at 365project.org/annepann

Bella actually turned me into a beginner bird observer. After we took a trip to NYC in 2013, we were watching everything NYC on TV. We spotted a video titled "Birders: The Central Park Effect" about the wide variety of wild birds who live in the park and the people who track them. 

So we rented the video. While we watched, it caught the attention of Bella's eyes and ears. She was glued to the TV. So to appease Belle, we started watching bird and other nature videos. Bella was hooked.

Now she watches anything and everything--commercials, Jon Stewart, B&W art flicks, Superbowl, our fave show Euromaxx (she comes running when she hears their theme song), Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood, nature shows, design shows, animated movies, car chases, even the on-screen TV guide on occasion when I'm flipping through it. If you don't believe me, check my 365 project at 365project.org/annrico1 or the blog WatchBellaWatch. You will see dozens of photos of Bella watching TV.

I told Anne about this Bella-watching-TV phenomena and as a result we got to talking birds. Belle and Anne peeked my interest in the topic and now I am a neophyte bird observer. Anyway back to the topic of today.

Anne has been "photo-hunting" snowy owls in the area. One was recently recovered due to being too close to the Saginaw airport and was released a few miles south of us near Schoolcraft. It was fitted with a transmitter to track its flight patterns. This will help with research in understanding and protecting the species. A second snowy was also spotted in the area.

Coincidentally Mike and I had recently seen a TV show on the unusual characteristics of owls (one being that you cannot hear their wing flaps when they are flying).

Soooo Anne and I got to talking owls, specifically snowy owls and she invited me to join her to spot the ones known to be in the area. It's been really cold, so we were going "car birding" (that's a real birder's term!!). You drive around trying to spot birds. If you see something of interest, you take a photo from the car or quietly get out of the car to take a photo, hoping the birds aren't startled and fly away.
We drove around for 45 minutes or so. Snowy owls perch on tops of telephone poles, those long irrigators that wheel across a field of crops, or on tops of buildings or barns. Alas, even with some excellent binoculars, we did not see any. But we did spot some horned larks (Anne got this great shot) and a mixed group of little wren / finch / sparrow type birds at a feeder.
It was not a wasted day, however, just because we did not spot a snowy owl. We chatted and I learned a lot about birding. We came across a cool old cemetery, had a close encounter with a huge snow plow, waited for a loud and fast moving train at a crossing, and had a hearty lunch at Fieldstone Grill in Portage. It was an enjoyable couple of hours and I'm glad I got to know Anne just a little bit better.
Later we learned that the snowy owls had migrated out of the area. The people who track the transmitters delay offering the information on owl whereabouts. If they gave up-to-date info, birders would be out "chasing" the owls in hordes. Not the natural, kind, or common sense thing to do.

Learn more or get info on tracking snowies at: projectsnowstorm.org/posts/stay-at-homes-and-wanderers/

02 March 2015

3/2/2015 - Relief

Last week 164.6 and today 164.2
and I am amazed!

All night I was worried about what I was going to title today's big weight gain post. I figured something like "Ashamed," but, voila, I had a slight loss. I'm not going to say yahoo because it is so small and I don't really deserve a loss this week

A new green and healthy grocery store in town had its grand opening on Wednesday. It is called Earth Fare (www.earthfare.com) and this its first branch in Michigan. It is kind of a cross between Whole Foods and Trader Joe's -- two our fave grocery stores. We went on opening day and again a few days later.

It is dedicated to no high-fructose corn syrup, no artificial fats / transfats, no artificial colors / flavors / preservatives / sweetners, no antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones, and no bleach or bromide flour products. They make the 100 mile commitment, believe in organics and in greening. Yes, a bit pricier (not has high as Whole Foods though), but worth it.

So we stocked up on fresh pineapple, avocados, non-greenhouse tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella, clementines, spinach, smoked salmon, granola, fair-trade coffee, sourdough bread in LOAF form (so all the slices are the same size ... very cool), and, ok, some pistachio for me and caramel sea salt for Mike gelato.

I over-ate all week. The redeeming factor was it was mostly healthy fruits, veggies and nuts. Yes, I had a few sweet treats, but they were small and far between.