30 April 2015

4-30-2015 - No, I Haven't Vanished, Just Real Busy

Last week 166.0

This week on Mon 167.6

On Tue, Wed and today 166.6

Beginning of last week did well and then anticipating going out of town tomorrow I fell off the wagon. Going to Traverse City, MI for the weekend with my sis, bro, spouses, and a good friend couple from Chicago. We'll be eating and drinking a lot, so it seemed hopeless to stay on the straight and narrow for the last few days.

On the BRIGHT SIDE, first pedi of the year. It was supposed to be today, but I had to move it up a week cuz I just couldn't stand the wait. Was undecided on which OPI color to use. Wanted something perky and springy, but I don't usually go to pastelly. First choice was "Dutch Tulips," red with a slight hint of pink. 
But then my neighbor pedi person said she usually uses "Cajun Shrimp" in spring. I asked to see that color and went with it. It is vibrant, like the reddish "lines" on beer-boiled shrimp covered in Cajun seasoning. Slightly on the orange side of red. I won't be near sand on this trip, but I think it would look great on the beachy-beachy.

Colors in top photos seem a little more red than it actually looks on my toes. This shot is closer to the real color of "Cajun Shrimp."

20 April 2015

4/20/2015 - Oopsies, Upsies

Last week 165.8
This week 166.0
OK, so I went up a bit. This week had 4 really good calorie days (at the beginning of the week) and 3 not so good (at the end of the week). I guess I don't feel so bad. Last week came down a lot more than I expected, so today was about where I thought I would be.

No polish update.

13 April 2015

4/13/2015 - Buckled Down

Last week 167.4 lbs
This week 165.8 lbs

First, sorry the pix is fuzzy, but you can still read the weight so you know I'm not fudging. The camera that I usually use is in the shop, so this is taken with my iPhone 4. Last week it came out great, so don't know what happened this week. I still haven't figured out all the settings.

I buckled down this week and got back on the calorie counting bandwagon. That step always helps me in the right direction. My goal cals per day is 1,200 and my average this week was 1,286. A little higher than goal, but showed progress in spite of that shortfall.

In the pedi department, kind of lazy so just added a layer of the no-name sparkle polish from the nail drying kit I spoke of last week. One of them is more silver sparkles and the other is more pinkish sparkles. I chose the pink sparkles over the pink matt polish from last week. Can't tell very well in this photo though. Anyway, first professional pedi of the year coming up on April 28. Can't wait!

06 April 2015

4/6/2015 - Weekend of Excess

Last week 166.4
This week 167.4
Well, one of our fave people visited over the weekend, our bro-in-law Jim. Only downside is he enjoys eating and drinking as much as we do, so we always head down the path of excess when we are visiting together. Taking him to new restaurants he hasn't been to before. Ordering appetizers plus desserts with our main course. Not good for any diet plan.

On day 1 we lunched at Erbelli's (pizza, calzones and Long Island ice teas). Early evening found us at Arcadia Ale Brewery. The guys munched on beer and snacks while I attended a food photography class. A late dinner was at Gonzo's Bigg Dogg. The guys had poutine (Canada's "national dish" of fries, pork, cheese curds smothered in gravy). I had kale salad (a feeble attempt to save some calories) and deep fried goat cheese balls.

Day 2 the guys went to Zingerman's Roadhouse (in Ann Arbor). I ate left over pizza for breakfast and lunch. That evening I went to a Tony and Tina's Wedding production with friends (Italian buffet dinner with lotsa pasta and wedding cake), while the guys had Jelly Belly beans and other snacks at home. Post-play we all enjoyed cocktails and munchies with friends I went to the play with.

On Jim's departure day, mimosas and Zingerman's bagels 'n' smears for breakfast. Three days of really good food, but really bad dieting.

167.4 is just too close to the 170 mark, so I'm once again quite inspired to do my calorie counting and stick with it. At least until May 2, when we go on a Traverse City trip with friends and family.

On the other hand, gave myself the first spring pedi of the year. Last week mom gave me a nail drying kit and it came with 3 polish colors. They don't have names except NEWA, NEYA, and NEYA (even though the last two are slightly different colors of sparkle tone). I have no idea what those letters signify.

You could call the one I used Pretty in Pink, Pink Pizzazz, Pink-teen (a fave when I was a teenager), Forever Pink, etc. Anyway, not good quality polish as I had to put on about 6 coats before it got to the intensity I'm used to.