29 June 2015

6/29/2015 - Finally Some Progress

An on-time report this week,
cuz I have something to shout about!
Last week 169.4
This week 165.6 - Amazing!!

Wonderful how only one week at 1,200 calories per day can help. I was over two days but my daily average for the week was 1,189. Plus I definitely ate healthier, more fruits and veggies than usual. Our little garden is turning out some great lettuce for salads and the markets are full of more variety than usual to choose from.

Two other big factors are: 1) We confirmed our trip to Italy for October. More later on that, but we want to be in tip-top shape for this travel. And nice to have a solid goal date. 2) My secret weight loss buddy got serious last week and did an excellent job, so that spurred me on. A little fun-style competition is good incentive.

This week I have a new toe color...another contribution from my sis-in-law. This is NYC's (New York Color's) Prince Street. I have never been big on purple. Reminds me of grape soda, one of my least favorite flavors. Don't have much in purple in the wardrobe and don't have any purple walls or decorations in the house (although as a young teen I did do a light lavender shade in my bedroom).

But I like trying something new and this doesn't look bad. Definitely better than the gross green I had on the last two weeks. Sure stands out. Kind of neon-ish!

23 June 2015

6/22/2015 - Back in the 60's

... the 160's that is!

Last week 171
This week 169.4
Still not proud, cuz I did not try REAL hard. Yesterday started counting calories / nutrition stats again. Hope I can keep with it. That is the one way I am usually successful with weight loss. Also trying to cut back on TV and be a little more active.

As you heard last week I did not like the polish color I got at my pedi. This week to cover it up a bit I added Pure Ice brand "Spit Fire." My sis-in-law brought me a few colors last week when she was visiting, so I "enhanced" the Gargantuan Green Grape (weird name) with a little sparkle from her.

I'm not totally fond of the "glitter" type polishes because I prefer a smoother product. But it did improve on the icky green I had on. This all comes off by next week though.            

15 June 2015

6/15/2015 - No Good News

All time high - 182
Last week - 167.6
This week - 171 (first time in the 170's in a long, long time)
I can tell you right now you will not see me any higher than this in the future. Yes, there was a big family reunion and we had folks some staying at our house, but that is no excuse for this increased situation.

I keep repeating to myself that I need an eating lifestyle change and I do think I am changing at times. But I always fall backwards when there is a party. Lots of eating and drinking. No good excuses, no reason, just gluttony.

I'm so sorry that you have to read this bad news and I hope I do better by next week. I will definitely not be going in the 180's!!!

Other bad news - Got my toes done professionally at my usual place, but not happy. I used an OPI color called Gargantuan Green Grape.

It was not my first choice. Lately on commercials and in movies, etc. I've seen this color saturation but in a blue hue. That's what I really wanted, but they didn't have it. So I picked the green, just to try something new.

Worst choice ever. The usual two coats did not cover well (you can see that on the big toes) and actually made my feet look sick. Won't try that one again.

10 June 2015

6/8/2105 - Up, up and away

Last week - 167.6
This week - 168.4
Next week - Will definitely be higher, as we have a family reunion to to go. Lots of toasting and chowing there, I'm sure.
Will do my best to keep it under 170.
A dreaded anti-milestone for me.

Been Thinking About B.B.

Going through some old Popular Photography magazines this week and came across one with B.B. King on the cover. It was the October 2013 issue and the pix was so B.B., full of heart and soul.

B.B. King passed away on May 14, 2015. He was 89 years old. His life began as a sharecropper in the cotton fields of the Mississippi Delta. By the end of his life he was famous worldwide as a singer and guitarist. He was admired by several generations of musicians and blues lovers.

All B.B.'s guitars were named Lucille. The story behind that is in 1949 he was playing a gig at a dance hall in Twist, Arkansas. A fire started and he left the hall. He realized he left his $30 Gibson behind and went in to rescue it. Later he learned the fire was started by two men fighting over a woman named Lucille. During the fight they tipped over a fire barrel used to warm the hall. From that time on he named all his guitars Lucille.

In the past Gibson Guitar Company has honored this name. They launched the "B.B. King Lucille" model in 1980. They also had a line call the "Little Lucille," no longer in production. And they produced a special run of "80th Birthday Lucilles" when B.B. turned 80. (An aside: Gibson Guitar Company was located in Kalamazoo from its founding in 1902 until 1984 when it shifted its operation to Nashville, Tennessee.)

Mike and I and some friends saw B.B. play in person at the Konocti Harbor Resort in the 1980's. It is located in the north country of California at Kelseyville. This resort was originally built by U.A. Local 38 Plumbers & Pipefitters Union. As I recall it was originally meant to be a casino, but never got the licensing for that. Instead it became a resort with an entertainment space where the slot machines were to be placed. It was quite an intimate setting and B.B. was up close and personal and fabulous at that concert. The facility is closed now.

I remember driving from our friend's home in Clear Lake to Kelseyville. Along the way we saw mysterious wisps of smoke rising from the ground. We discovered later that it was hydrothermal (hot water) activity. The "smoke" was actually steam venting from natural underground hot pockets to the earth's surface. Read more at: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrothermal_vent 

At B.B.'s funeral the eulogizing Reverend Herron said about B.B., "Hands that once picked cotton would someday pick guitar strings on a national and international stage. Amazing." B.B.'s life gives testament to the possibilities of triumphing over difficult circumstances. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B.B._King

Peace be to B.B. King

01 June 2015

6/1/2015 - Just Not Taking This Seriously

Last week - 169
Today - 167.6
Yes, I am down, but not proud. Once again, I did not really try this week and did not use Fitness Pal calorie diary. Can't really give myself a whole lot of credit over the last few months for sticking to the plan.

In January, I thought I would be well into the 150's by this time. On January 5, I weighed 168.4. I got as close as 164.2 on March 2. So not a good track record. How hard can this be!!!

On the other hand, here's the Nail Polish Report. Doing a little comparison. Last week used "Copper Pot" (on right) and this week using "Antiquated" by Studio M. It is kind of a gold dust look, even though more silvery in the pix. Looks better in the bottle than on my toes. Mike likes the left better and I like the right. Gosh, those toes are chubby!!!