06 July 2015

July 4, 2015 USA - Fireworks

Pretty good for a holiday weekend. Had a friend over for her 60th birthday and drank homemade pina coladas (her fave) ala Mikie. Mum good. Then a little 4th of July celebrating, so that meant a few more cocktails under the fireworks show.

1) Thanks to the US Supreme Court recent final decision, LGBT folks can now legally marry and get spousal benefits in every state in the USA. Making progress for many of my friends. Free to be what you want to be. Freedom and acceptance of all in the USA. That's what it is all about, isn't it? The White House was lit up in rainbow colors. Stunning!

2) And YAY to the USA for winning the FIDA Women's World Cup soccer tournament yesterday. I had not watched this sport before, but it is beautiful and brutal at the same time. Playing on artificial turf was the first challenge (just not done in the Men's World Cup) and no protective gear! It was hard to watch the head butts ending in bloody wounds. Just don't know how they do it. And what a workout. Couldn't do that even in my prime. You go, gals!

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