29 September 2015

2015 ITALY 1 - The Pope's Here; We're There

Well, not quite yet. We leave for Italy tomorrow.

In the meantime:

Last week - 170.0
This week - Actually (truthfully) I forgot to weigh in yesterday. Too busy finishing up a Ladies' Library Association project, cleaning, and getting ready for our trip. Today I really just did not want to weigh in. I'm going with 170.0 from last week.

Had a pedi on Saturday and returned to my fave color, Espresso Your Style. It is a satiny brown with hint of copper. Makes my feet look so tanned and classy. And a nice color for fall. Here I am standing on a map of northern Italy, where our trip takes place.
Here's Bella sleeping on a stack of travel accessories. She is doing her best to blend in and somehow join us on our trip. No such luck, but Aunt Dixie and Uncle Ron will keep her company.
We leave tomorrow and these are the major cities we will visit--Turino, Alba, Parma, Modena, Florence, Varenna, and Venice. Check back day-by-day to read the fun details.