29 September 2015

9/29/2015 - The Pope's Here; We're There

Well, not quite yet. We leave for Italy tomorrow.

In the meantime:

Last week - 170.0
This week - Actually (truthfully) I forgot to weigh in yesterday. Too busy finishing up a Ladies' Library Association project, cleaning, and getting ready for our trip. Today I really just did not want to weigh in. I'm going with 170.0 from last week.

Had a pedi on Saturday and returned to my fave color, Espresso Your Style. It is a satiny brown with hint of copper. Makes my feet look so tanned and classy. And a nice color for fall. Here I am standing on a map of northern Italy, where our trip takes place.
Here's Bella sleeping on a stack of travel accessories. She is doing her best to blend in and somehow join us on our trip. No such luck, but Aunt Dixie and Uncle Ron will keep her company.
We leave tomorrow and these are the major cities we will visit--Turino, Alba, Parma, Modena, Florence, Varenna, and Venice. Check back day-by-day to read the fun details.

22 September 2015

9/21/2015 - Disparaging

Last week - 168
This week - 170

Well, the big 1-7-0 finally caught up with me. Never imagined I would ever go there again. And five pounds really feels like ten pounds in my clothes and energy.

Doesn't make 100% sense, but just eating too healthy. This week made cream of red pepper soup, cream of tomato soup, cream of delicata squash soup, eggplant parmigiana, stuffed red bell peppers, and breaded/baked zucchini--all from our farm share or our garden and all from scratch. Plus made homemade (not the bread part) garlic bread to go with the soups. I guess the "cream of" had a big part in the weight gain. (Kathy, made all, but the stuffed peppers!) 

And I'm apparently "prepping for vacation," as like eating everything under the sun. And it shows on the scale. No telling what I will weigh when we get back from our Italy trip.

P.S. Used number color 3 in the 15-color set of polish from Max. This is "Venus." Might as well call it Grape. This one only took 3 coats, so that was good. 

14 September 2015

9/14/2015 - Wonky Scale and Wonky Toenail Polish

Last week - 168.2
This week - Humm, 168
Actually weighed myself a couple of times with the scale in different places on the floor to get the right toenail polish shot. More later on that. I got a 168, a 169, and a 170, depending on where the scale was. I'll go with 168, but I really think it is 170.

Can't seem to contain my eating lately. A little more wine than usual (prepping for Italy?). And trying to use all the food in our farm share. This week made a bunch of hardy salads, cream of red pepper soup (and homemade garlic bread), BLTs (tomatoes are sooooo good, but coming to the end of their season), kale chips, more, and going to make squash soup tonight.

As I said last week, you get what you pay for. I bought the 15 color nail polish set for about $12 at Costco. I figured I would use each color one time for some variety in the weekly photos, but this is the worst nail polish ever. I have on about 5 coats of "Minted" and I still had to Photoshop in a little coverage. Oh, well. What did I expect? Only 13 more colors to go before I get the good stuff again.

07 September 2015

9/7/2015 - Vay-Cay Mode Again

Last week - 167.6
This week - 168.2 (could have been worse)
OK, I'm actually already in vacation mode, so not doing well. We head to Traverse City tomorrow for 3 days and off to Italy (as in Europe!!) at the end of the month.

Don't have a pedi scheduled til end of the month just before our trip, so I bought a cheap 15-pack to fill in the next couple of weeks. This week was second row, far left and called "Dusty Rose" from Max Studio. You might have guessed that one. Not a very imaginative name. Not sure what I'll pick for next week. Any suggestions?