27 October 2015

2015 ITALY Torino 7 - Black and White Magic

Arturo introduced us to the supernatural concept of Black, White, or "Both" magic cities. 

White magic cities are:  Prague and Lyon, France

Black magic cities are: London and San Francisco (never felt that way when we lived there and where does New Orleans fit in?!)

On the axis of both black and white magic cities or triangles is: Turin

This makes Turin a very powerful juju place. It has dark and light areas, depending on where you are. There is even a tour that guides you through areas displaying devilish faces, mysterious sundials, inverted pentagrams, and Masonic symbols on palaces, churches and elsewhere. 

And supposedly the legendary entrance to the Underworld is right here in Piazza Statute. There are dueling "good" and "bad" statues eyeing down each other. And once you get closer to the Shroud, things are on the lighter side. Hmm!

Read more black and white magic it at: maribiella.com/2012/10/02/turin-the-devils-city/



I'm not particularly sold on the concept. But hey, it's in The Washington Post, so it must be true.

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