07 October 2016

2015 ITALY Venice 40 - Room with No View

This inn was recommend by good neighbors T&L. They visited here only a few months earlier. We loved everything about the place (decor, central location, hospitality). The stairs were an exception and probably not the best choice for our old knees. Anyway, we tackled the challenge and got some aerobic exercise to boot.

Our room had no windows other than the skylight which offered a view from the bed to the blue sky. But if you stood on the bed on tiptoes and peeked through the open skylight you could see an amazing puzzle of rooftops and what-nots. That was okay with us, as we were hardly there during daylight hours anyway and at night we could see the stars shining down upon us. On our first glance out, we did spy two cats sunning and running around the roofs.

An aside: By this time we were really missing Bella, our cat. She was in good hands though with two cat couples trading off on the Bella watch. Thanks, guys!

The bedroom was spacious and quaint with oddball angles and cubby holes, a romantic refuge from the hustle-bustle outside. The huge copy of part of a mural titled New World by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo filled one whole wall. It was the inspiration for the name of this suite. The mural is fascinating because you cannot actually see what all the people are looking at. You just know something exciting is happening on the other side of the crowd.
This was our roomiest room of the trip and included an antique armoire and large bathroom ... with a TUB. That was the first we had seen in any room in Italy and I took advantage of it our second night. I didn't have bubble bath, but used a little shampoo to make a few bubblies.
Our host for the visit was Sunil, who had carried our bags up the stairs. He is originally from Sri Lanka and we could not believe when he said he was 67 years old! He learned English in S.L. and Italian in Italy. He had sleeping quarters at the inn and was on standby for questions just about 24-7. He was employed there for seven years. An all around very nice guy.
He set an elegant table and made breakfast for the guests in the morning. There were lots of fresh fruits and juices, Italian cold cuts, and homemade baked goods. He also gave excellent travel tips for the area.

For more info, see: http://www.lavilleggiatura.it

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