04 July 2017

2016 ITALY Rome 18 - Farmers' Co-op

We visited the Campo de'Fiori market on our first walking tour in Roma, but it was pretty much closed by the time we got there. That was an outdoor market in a piazza near our hotel.

Today we visited an indoor farmers' co-op market, the Mercato di Campagna Amica, in a huge warehouse near Circus Maximus. If you need it for cooking, you'll find it here, plus some. It is open on Saturdays and Sundays. All the products are produced and sold by farmers in the region.

Fresh veggies.

Spices and herbs.

Cured meats.
 More veggies.
Garden tools made of wood.

Plants and flowers.
Grapes, for home-made wine maybe?
Beans, cereals, legumes, and grains.

More meats. Need bacon?
Fish market.
Pestos, marinaras, honeys, preserves, and other condiments. And garlic.

Home-made pasta.

I didn't see any artichokes, so it must not have been the season. But Mike bought peaches and figs to share with the group.

This pup waited patiently outside the market on the foot plate of a scooter, watching intently for his owner. Not tied up or anything. So cute!

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