24 December 2017

2016 ITALY Rome 27 - Where Are the Cats?

We visited the Sacra di Largo Argentina area on our first day in Rome. Unbeknownst to me at the time, this is the largest cat sanctuary in Rome. I had only noticed one cat amongst the architectural ruins, so I wanted to find it again to survey the cats a little more. I thought I knew the way, but never did run into that area (which was actually quite close to the hotel). Dang!

My other goal was to get back to the Trevi Fountain. Again on our first day, my camera ran out of juice by the time we got there, so no pix. This time I got quite a few and also had some coins to throw in "to assure another trip to Rome."

I discovered lots of other things on my walk-about. I made it back to the Pantheon. This time it was a sunny day, so you could see the beautiful blue sky through the open air oculus.
Took a few cool car pix for Mike.

Lots of shops, many with religious items. Never saw a shop before that JUST sold rosaries (no pix).

Noticed a number of fountains wherever I went. Found out these were left over from the 1870s. Throughout Roman history, it was an important concept that citizens had easy access to safe drinking water. Thus the Trevi Fountain and aqueduct system and the "nasoni."

The nasoni (which means big nose, referring to the spout) offer free, very safe drinking water to this day. About 2,500 are installed throughout the city. They are made of cast iron, about three feet tall, and 200 pounds. The water runs continuously in all of them, but is not wasted. It goes to a reservoir for watering parks and gardens. I haven't really seen people drinking out of them, but a few dogs.
Saw numerous niche alters to the Madonna. This was a particularly pretty one.
Many rooftop gardens. Must be some hum-dinger views from there. 
More monuments. This sculpture is Bernini's elephant (1667) topped with Egyptian obelisk in Piazza della Minerva. Ancient Romans used them in the Punic Wars fought between Rome and Carthage (current day Tunisia) from 264-146 BC.
Well, I didn't see the cats, but I saw a lot of interesting and fun stuff. I also was lost in the streets of Rome. I wandered until I saw something familiar and then worked my way back from there. Did have to stop twice to ask for directions. It was a little confusing though as I wanted the Navona Hotel and folks suggested the Piazza Navona. Two different things.

I was a little panicky though because it was getting late and dark. Finally found two fellows that spoke English and they got me headed the right way to the hotel. I think I finally got back around 19:00.

Neither Mike nor I were hungry. We hoped to meet our friends Lynn and Sandy for a cocktail. Knocked on their door, but no answer. So we went up to the rooftop bar on our own and, lo and behold, that's where they were.

It was chilly, but lovely. The sunset was spectacular from our rooftop view. It was a wonderful way to end our last night in Rome. Sunset, best friends, cocktails, a few appetizers, and cuddling from the cold.


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