15 February 2018

2016 ITALY Capri 36 - Food for the Gods

At 13:30, we arrived at our lunch destination, Ristorante Da Tonino. We were thirsty and hungry after our uphill trek to this slightly secluded location. Chef Salvatore Aprea more than satisfied our needs.

There were matching window boxes on each side of the entrance. One held bottles of available wine options. The other held a shrine dedicated to the Madonna.

There were indoor tables and additional seating outside on the covered veranda.
Orange and other citrus trees grew on the lush grounds. Their wonderful aromas wafted around us.
We gathered around a long table as food emerged from the open kitchen...one small plate after another. And, of course, we had fabulous wine pairings with each arriving event.

We started with a lobster ceviche, marinated raw fish. Presentation was casual, sometimes using short glasses or jelly jar style containers, but the blends and tastes would satisfy even royalty.

Deep fried zucchini blossoms stuffed with cheese for the veg-heads.
We would never tire of Caprese (of Capri!) salad--fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomato, olive oil, and sweet basil.
Tender chunks of flawlessly cooked amber jack fish with sauce and pistachios. Lots of fish and seafood on this isle surrounded by the sea.
Tuna cooked to perfection.
Looks like cous-cous in a bath of "green" (can't remember which green) puree.
Sauteed greens, eggplant, roasted hazelnuts in a fabulous cheese sauce.
Tortellini with fresh marinara. Simple, but succulant.

Fettuccine and shrimp with a white cheese "froth" and basil sauce.
Canning jar with a layered veggie and cheese souffle.

An oh-so tasty cappuccino flan with chocolate sprinkles for dessert.

After a leisure and lip-smacking meal, we wobbled out the door. On the way, we took a quick side trip to the wine cellar. Here are just a few of the 20,000 bottles of wine and 300 bottles of grappa stored here.

All in all the hike up the hill was way worth it. We were not as high as the heavens, but we definitely had eaten like the gods.

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