18 February 2018

2016 ITALY Capri 37 - Shop for Lemon Drops

Next stop was the smaller town of Anacapri (means above Capri). It is little more than half way up the side of Monte Solaro, which is 1932 feet (586 meters) at its peak.

The hard way to get to the tip-top is a 900 step pathway. It is about a two-hour walk, but scenery is said to be spectacular.

The easy way is to ride the chair lift from Anacapri to the peak. It is 11 euros round trip and takes 13 minutes each way. As we only had 45 minutes to wander and each chairlift seated only one person, we decided to look around at the scenery and shops.

Our guide pointed out photos of famous folks that had lived or visited or shopped here.

Shops were filled with high end clothing, Italian design furniture, glassware, and "lemonware."

There were many lemony related food products for sale. Limoncello liquor, jams, candies, etc. We bought some candies that were a cross between an M&M and a fat Jordan almond. Inside was filled with yummy chocolate. The hard outside shell was a bright lemon yellow color. It is difficult to describe the flavor though, as it had a lemon essence, but not strong. It tasted more like the aroma of a newly cut lemon, if you can imagine that. The contents of the little bag disappeared lickety-split.
After the main shopping area, we came across this sign. It offered a choice of visiting the historic Villa San Michele (built in 1186 by Swedish physician and author Axel Munthe) or walking along the surrounding pathway. We chose the scenic route to enjoy the views of the island and the sea below.

The walk was lovely. Nicely planted with a variety of flora. We saw this olive tree, maybe 1.5 feet in diameter. We wondered just how old this ancient could be still living in its minimum size wooden planter.
There were places to stop and enjoy the views.
More motor boats and sail boats.

Mike was a bit thirsty, so we stopped at a little juice stand. He ordered an orange juice. The vendor squeezed it right before our eyes.
So sweet and tasty. I had a few sips and it hit the spot.
After about 45 minutes we gathered, zoomed down the mountain to the port, hopped on the boat, and headed for home. As we motored back, the sun was setting behind us.
Golden abodes, rested on the cliff tops.

Mount Vesuvius and Naples lie ahead amidst the clouds, although we would not travel that far today. Back to Sorrento harbor.

En route Luciano offer a prosecco (Italian champagne) and melon treat. A fine palete refresher.

As we swung into the harbor, we were sorry to say good-bye to Capri, but happy to get our land legs back.

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