08 March 2018

2016 ITALY Amalfi 56 - Breakfast and a Boat Ride

The next morning breakfast arrived right on time. It was delivered by Silvana, a sweet Italian nonna who did not speak English, but we figured it out. The sun was shining, the food was delicious, and we felt glorious.
Today was our second yacht ride. This time along the coast from Positano to Amalfi. Our first challenge was to get down to the pier. This photo is taken from our balcony toward the boat docks. See the orangey lines (beach umbrellas) by the sea on the mid-right? That was where we would catch the cruiser.
After breakfast, we hiked down the big hill. There were two choices: 1) Walk down the steep-ish winding street with traffic close by our side and stores for distraction. We wondered how driverless cars would handle this!!! We were on a timetable so could not stop to shop now.
Or 2) jig-jaggy steps, also steep and with few handrails to grab for safety. We ended up taking a combination of both, but mostly steps. Kitties were scattered about.
Once we got to the bottom, we found hoards of people looking for rides to Capri and Amalfi. Most rode a ferry, but some hired or shared a private boat.
Just to the left of this were the lines of orange umbrellas we had seen from our hotel overlook.
Luciano and his cruiser Fratelli Aprea (Aprea brothers) had returned to take us on today's sea jaunt.
We felt right at home. Again, he supplied a little melon and grape snack with prosecco to start the morning.
It was about a half-hour cruise. There were lots of things to see, starting with a scuba diver. Brave soul in the middle of all the boat traffic passing up and down the coast. But the gorgeous underwater view must have certainly been worth the risk.
We saw all manner of floaty vehicles, mini kayak to max military style.

We passed by natural caves and the windy Almafi coast "highway" with its narrow roadway, tunnels bored through the rock mountain walls, and bridges spanning its many water inlets.

The cruise took about a half hour to the port of Amalfi. These protective boulders looked like giant jacks, similar to the ball and jack game we played as children.

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