03 September 2018

June 2018 ILLINOIS to WISCONSIN 6 - Side Trip to Summerfest

The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel buffet--cheese omelettes, waffles, good coffee. T&N picked us up for a side trip to Milwaukee. The drive from Palatine north to downtown Milwaukee was 77 miles and about 1-½ hour drive.
Along the way we saw this cool car. Wonder where it was headed.

I have to say the room we got at the Hampton Inn-Downtown was not my fave. Harsh lighting and bare decor with one small high window that looked up an air shaft. It felt damp and dungeon-y. But our focus was the James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt concert that evening, so shan't dwell on the room.

We needed a bite, so we walked a few blocks to the Miller Time Pub and Grill. We enjoyed lunch here a few years back when we attended the Milwaukee Bead and Button Show and it did not disappoint. Burgers were the top pick and really good per comments of my pals. I had something veggie.

After lunch Mike took a nap and we other three meandered our way to the waterfront Summerfest ticket office where our tickets were on hold. We enjoyed the sights along the way.

This was a huge mural on the side of a multi-story building. One day I'll try to decipher the rebus or maybe a blog reader can figure it out and let me know what it says.
We enjoyed pieces of outdoor art placed throughout downtown. Nearby plaques explain each. This piece is by Tom Friedman called "Hazmat Love." It is made of tinfoil, baking tins, and roasting pans. The description says it is a commentary on effects and struggles of the environment.
Artist Hank Willis Thomas titled this one "Liberty." This is an arm with finger "spinning" a basketball, inspired by a 1986 photo of the Harlem Globetrotters.
Even "You are here" maps were nicely decorated.
We criss-crossed the Milwaukee River a few times.

A vertical drawbridge over the river. This one rises straight up to allow tall boats to pass through.

Buildings were historic and interesting. This is a beaut!

Just love these giant ladybugs, almost a story tall each.

We picked up our tickets and headed back to the hotel to refresh.

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