12 October 2012

2012 WILD WEST to Michigan 18 - Beam Us Home, Scotty


About 400 miles ta home. Gas north of Indianapolis was $3.43. Stop and go north of Indy. Delayed about 40 minutes. So frustrating when we want to GET HOME.


No shower. No shampoo. Just get us out of Granite City and back to Kalamazoo.

Trip was uneventful, except for a really crappy lunch at TGIFs Westfield IN. The day was crisp and sunshiny. A "happy" day to travel. More brick houses. Flat. Passed by a llama farm (funny animals) and pig farm (sooo smelly). Still have not seen a "dead skunk in the middle of the road," so can't get that photo op.

Glee at seeing the Pure Michigan sign upon entry into Michigan.

Elation at seeing the Kalamazoo City limits sign.

The Prius is smiling even though it has about ten pounds of bugs hanging on its hood and bumper. It's ready for detailing but I would not want to be the one doing it.

Safe. Tired. Shower and bed.

There ain't no place like home.


  1. Home sweet home. It wllways feels so good to be home. We enjoyed the time you spent with you two as always. Say hi to my sister for us. love, Uncle.

  2. Its so nice to wake up in your own bed. look out at the park from yopur own deck. WOW now you can look back on your world wind trip. Uncle


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