07 October 2012

2012 WILD WEST 13 Arizona - Hallelujah, No Driving Day in Yuma

Yuma AZ (all day)


Hope not to have any. First day staying two nights in one location, so none to report.


Playing catch-up once again. We have numerous pages of notes, but trying to decifer (especially after a few days) is tough.

Spending the day at Uncle Kit and Aunt Joan's. They are really just about four years older than us, but it bugs my uncle when I call him Uncle. So I call him Uncle or Unc all the time anyway. Gosh, I'm a meanie.

Started off with a good old country breakfast cooked by Auntie--perfectly fried eggs (she steams them in a little water with the lid on the fry pan and I'm going to try this, too), ham, bacon, sausage, sour dough bread, hash browns, and a wonderful fresh fruit salad with strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, red raspberries, and sweet dipping yogurt.

Next, guys watching the NASCAR races and gals doing computer work. Finally some time to concentrate on updating the Blog. Still having a hard time getting photos to upload. Although I tried off and on all day, I could only load six pix. Keep getting the response "server problem." Dang! But I'll keep trying, even if I have to go back a few days to do it when I get home.

In the afternoon we took a tour of the neighborhood on the golf cart. Great yard decor, some funny, some artistic, lots of blooming desert plants and greenery. Stopped by some friends for happy hour. And, believe me, they WERE happy before we arrived!! And there were two more rounds while we were there. Telling stories about all the neighbors here at Rancho Coyote Estates--widows, match-ups, parties, drinking, even sex toys, stories, stories .... I think there could be a new winner reality TV show here about "retirees in the modular home park."

Dinner was at a GREAT place in downtown Yuma call Da Boyz. We would recommend it to anyone that likes Italian. Loved the decor of red velvet and dark wood. Several private rooms including the Elvis room. Lots of photos of 50's and 60's personalities--movie stars, politicos, gangsters. Food was also wonderful. I had caprese salad and pizza. Mike had baked pasta. Uncle had a turkey sub. Auntie had lasagna and shared a huge wedge salad with blue cheese and real bacon bits (the photo below is HALF of one wedge salad). Big portions, so lots of leftovers. All the servers had black T-shirts with pink breast cancer ribbons. Loved everything about this place.

Went back to the homestead and talked a bit more til time to leave. We will depart from the hotel in the morning, so saying good-bys now. Then made a quick get away as Deb was getting "sentimental."

A wonderful day to relaaaax.............  Love you, Aunt and Unc.  xxoo


Off in the morning to Prescott Valley, our last opportunity to visit folks we know along the route--this time the Bilellos. Then home. Yahoo! We are yearning for home at this point, even though no kitties waiting for us. Originally planned to be gone for 30 days, but Deb's call to jury duty interrupted that. So in a way we are glad it turned out to be only 17 days total.


Best waiter of the trip is Kramer (named after Kramer vs. Kramer) at Da Boyz in downtown Yuma. He has a twin sister named Taylor and she is one minute older. She never lets him forget it and blows out her birthday candles one minute before he does. Anyway, he's smiley, efficient, gets the order right the first time, friendly, on time, loves his job, even loves his boss. A wonderful combination.

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