19 January 2013

2013 SOUTH & EAST COAST 24 - We're Wrappin'

Well, one month ago today, we started the final leg of our journey. Sorry to say it has taken this long to finish the blog posts for those 22+ days. When we  started this in September, I had no idea it would take me up to two hours a day to sort through and choose appropriate photos and write the material to do each day justice. And I did not anticipate how much driving, or wining and dining, would wear my brain down by the end of the day, so that my enthusiasm to write at the end of each day was not always there. So if you have eagerly or anger-ly awaited the clamant finale of this trip info, thanks for your patience. All I can say is "better late than never!"


12/27 - Home to Louisville KY
12/28 - to Columbia TN
12/29 - to Fort Rucker to Panama City FL
12/30 - to Tarpon Springs FL
12/31 - to Bonita Springs FL
1/1 to Key Largo FL
1/2 Key Largo (day 2)
1/3 to Key West FL
1/4 Key West (day 2)
1/5 Key West (day 3)
1/6 to Port St Lucie FL
1/7 to St Augustine FL
1/8 to Savannah GA
1/9 - Savannah (day 2)
1/10 to Charleston SC
1/11 to Wilmington NC
1/12 to Fort Eustis VA to Virginia Beach VA
1/13 to Baltimore MD
1/14 to Black Rock Ct
1/15 to Providence RI
1/16 - Providence (day 2)
1/17 - to Indiana / Michigan border
1/18 - to Home

We traveled a total of 5,217 miles on this trip. We used 116 gallons of gas, costing about $389 dollars. Average miles per gallon was 44.9.

Tolls were about $120 dollars, with the biggest shocker being the George Washington Bridge into Manhattan at $12.

I'm not going to even mention how much lodging and dining cost. And I don't care, as it was ALL worth the price.

We traveled through 16 states (KY, TN, FL, GA, SC, NC, VA, DL, MD, NJ, NY, CT, RI, PA, OH, IN), not including our home state of Michigan.

Last fall on our trip to California and back, we drove through 15 other states (IL, WI, MN, ND, MT, ID, WA, OR, CA, AZ, NM, TX, OK, AR, MO)  for a total of 31 states in less than five months. And a total mileage on those two trips of 12,067. That's a lot of miles, especially without a mishap or incident.

We appreciate those who stuck with us. We do not have any more "big" trips planned til October when we hope to get to Europe (France and Italy). In the meantime, we will probably get Up North somewhere and down to East Liberty OH. I will try to fill in at least once a month with remembrances of other trips we have taken over the years.

Gotta work on taxes now, so in the meantime, "Ciao, Baby!"


Since we started our blog last September we have had 1,896 hits. I can't imagine who might be looking at our blog. Probably just some of the same people checking in to see if there has been any progress. In any case, that seems like a LOT and we really appreciate your interest.

See if you can guess the Word of the Day, somewhere in this post.

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