26 June 2014

2014 - Brother Goes Bushy to Bald

My youngest brother Kevin has tons of thick, silver, curly locks on his head. (and man, am I jealous.) Kevin is not only a handsome dude, but also a loving, caring, great-hearted kind of guy.

One of his youngest son's buddies discovered he has cancer. For a long time Kevin has been a big supporter of this teen and his family while Mitchell fights the fight.

Recently at a cancer awareness event in their hometown, Kevin was a huge part of Team Unstoppable, raising money for cancer research in honor of Mitchell.

The event included fund-raising tents for each team (selling food and doo-dads), games, and educational displays. There were also dozens of luminary candle bags lighting walkways to honor survivors or remember cancer losses.

Part of the live entertainment today was The Kinetic Affect, made up of duo Gabriel Giron and Kirk Latimer. They use personal experiences to create live spoken word poetry. As Gabe lived through horrific cancer trauma himself, their performance today was particularly powerful and touching.  

But back to my brother Kevin. Some time ago he committed to shaving off his head of precious silvery locks, if he could raise at least $3,000 toward the cause. Well, today was the head-shaving day. One thing...he was about $400 shy of the three grand. Kev was going to go ahead anyway, but the Master of Ceremonies put out the word and raised the last $400 (plus more) to reach Kevin's goal. Yahoo!

So Kev and about six others had their heads shaved. Besides Kevin there was his work colleague Corby and a long lost friend Steve that came all the way from Ann Arbor to join the cause. (These two played high school football together!!) Here are some photos from the event.

 Mitchell takes the first swipe at shearing Kevin's curls.
 A local barber-ette takes over.

Almost gone. OMG, is that me? Feels so bare.

Kevin and Corby in the aftermath.

 Kevin and his high school buddy, Steve.

Kevin and wife Stevie hugging at the end.
She still loves him even though he's BALD!! Yay!

We know it will grow back, but for Kevin this was a biggie anyway.
I'm so proud of you, bro, and love you very much.
And you are still looking great in my eyes.

PS - I grabbed some of those silvery curls from the ground to have as a keepsake.

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