22 July 2018

June 30, 2018 MICHIGAN Kalamazoo - #keepfamiliestogether

Per Save the Children: "Innocent children have been forced to flee their homes due to violence, gangs and crushing poverty in Latin America. After a dangerous journey, thousands of children seeking asylum have been heartbreakingly separated from their mothers and fathers when they reach the U.S. border."

Like so many cities around the USA and the world, Kalamazoo had a rally protesting these actions by the federal government. Even though the day was blistering hot (in the 90s), maybe 500 people attended in Bronson Park.

There was many inspiring speakers.

Because it was so hot most people were standing to the side under the shady trees. The first speaker invited people to move to the center onto the hot pavement and under the direct sun. Thus, we could experience the heat the kids might be feeling in the tent camps in the southwest. That really brought the circumstances to life. We could move about, but the kids were detained in place.

There was also a toy and diaper collection for kids held at Bethany Christian Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan (50 miles north of us). At least kids could hug the many stuffed animals in place of their parents. Some small consolation!!!
A month later this is still heavy on my mind. I cannot imagine being a child and forcefully being taken from my mom or dad and put in detention. Only a metallic blanket instead of a warm, fuzzy one to comfort me.

Today I went back to look at photos I had taken during the protest and decided to publish some here. There were so many great signs to make you think what American stood for in the past. Not so much today. Not hate or disdain or privilege.

This woman wore a jacket like Melania Trump's. It said the right thing though.

Please write your senators and congress persons to take swift action to correct this problem. Small steps have been taken, but much more is needed. It is never too late.

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